I am a designer and sociologist attending James Madison University.

In design world I enjoy working on web and print, and while I love all of the Adobe Creative Suite, I must admit that I am partial to Illustrator.
                                       (Vector drawing is my jam.)

As a sociologist, I am interested in intersectional feminism and symbolic interactionism. My research focuses on human trafficking, with hopes of benefiting the movement to end modern-day slavery in US.

At JMU I “bleed” purple & gold, and I bleed Cali-Blue - that is, I am a proud member of the JMU community, and an even prouder member of JMU SafeRides.

I am also a lot of other things!

Tumblr-ite, TED Talk watcher, spoken word listener, PostSecret reader...
                                                      - can you tell a lot of my interests involve the internet?

But really, I live for moments that I’ll never forget - connecting with others and
looking up at the stars. Oh yeah, I love space, and I’d like to go someday!




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